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Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

COPE/SEPB adheres to 2 guiding principles as an ethical sourcing policy to be applied when purchasing promotional materials. Those principles are :

  1.  Whenever possible, buy promotional materials that is
    manufactured by unionzied companies located in Canada;
  2. Our suppliers and manufacturers must comply with the following criteria :
    • Free choice of employment and the abolition of forced labour;
    • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;
    • The abolition of child labour;
    • Salaries and working conditions that are sufficient to cover basic and fundamental needs.

It is important for us, as trade unionists and progressives, to  always remember these basic principles that can serve as a guide for us.

Look for the union label on all products you buy, find out where they come from and whenever possible, buy Canadian and always make a clear choice. That is part of our responsibilities not only as trade unionists but also as citizens.