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Our Leaders

National Executive

The National Executive is the highest authority of the National Union between conventions. It carries out the instructions of the convention. It conducts the affairs of the National Union. With the Constitution as its guide, it shall take all action necessary to carry out the aims and objectives of this
National Union.

The COPE National Executive is composed of:

  • David Black – National President
  • Pierrick Choinière-Lapointe – National Secretary-Treasurer 
  • Loïc Breton – Vice President, Region 1
  • Casey Oraa  – Vice President, Region 2
  • Kim Wilson – Vice President, Region 3
  • Annette Toth – Vice President – Region 4
  • Patty Clancy – Vice President, Seat Reserved for Women
David Black,
National President

David was elected as president of COPE SEPB in June of 2016. He also serves as president of MoveUP (Local 378 of COPE SEPB). He began as a MoveUP’s table officer after becoming vice-president for the ICBC group in 2005. Prior to that, David sat on the MoveUP executive board since he was appointed by the executive council in 2001.

Before being elected as COPE-SEPB president, he also served on the COPE SEPB national executive as Vice-President for Region 4.

David first became a member of MoveUP working at ICBC Head Office in 1995. His current workplace of record is the ICBC 5th and Cambie Claims Centre in Vancouver.

In addition to MoveUP committees, David also sits on the BC Federation of Labour Political Action Committee and the Advisory Committee of the Sustainable Communities Initiative. He formerly sat on the Canadian Labour Congress Political Action Committee and was a delegate to the Vancouver and District Labour Council.

David is also a former member of the Board of Directors for the United Way of the Lower Mainland and in 2012 was awarded the UWLM’s Joe Morris Labour Community Service Award.

In the past David has sat on the Board of Directors for both the Vancouver Foundation and the Margaret Mitchell Fund for Women.

David lives in New Westminster with his wife Maya Russell and their three daughters Kate, Maggie and Rebecca.

Pierrick Choiniere-Lapointe
National Secretary-Treasurer

A lawyer by training and member of the Québec Bar Association, Pierrick Choinière-Lapointe also holds a Master’s degree in international law from the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Specializing in labour law he was hired by SEPB-Québec in 2006 as a union representative. In that role, Pierrick represented and defended workers and their bargaining units before all judicial and administrative tribunals. On top, he has negotiated many collective agreements in both the public and private sectors. He was named deputy director for SEPB-Québec in 2016 and also legal counsel to the National President. In 2019, he was elected National Secretary-Treasurer and became Executive Director of SEPB-Québec.

Loïc Breton,
Vice President, Region 1

Introduction to the Union started for Loïc Breton when he joined Tele-Direct (now Yellow Pages) in 1990 and went straight on an eight and a half months strike! A few months after returning to work he became a floor rep, later on he was elected secretary-treasurer and finally became president of the bargaining unit in 1996. He took part in the renewal of five collective agreements.

Right from the beginning, Loïc got involved in the larger union that was SEPB-57, and afterwards SEPB-Québec, as a volunteer union organizer, trainer and local representative for the labour-sponsored fund Fonds de solidarité FTQ. In 2003, following the advent of SEPB-Québec, he becomes president of composite local 574, which is made up of over 2400 members spread across sixty or so bargaining units. A member of the SEPB-Québec executive board, he is the elected official in charge of the organization social and political action committee and he sits on various standing committees at the Québec labour federation (FTQ).

Loïc was named interim president of SEPB-Québec when Chantal Dumoulin announced her retirement in November 2016. He was officially elected president during the Conseil Québécois in March 2017.

Casey Oraa,
Vice President, Region 2

Casey is a racialized, queer worker from a grassroots activist background. He adheres to a feminist politic, believes in collaborative actions and decision making, and, holds an Honours Degree in Sexuality Studies and English.


Within COPE/SEPB, Casey has been an active member of the COPE Local 343 Executive Board for 8+ years – as an Equity Member, Youth Member and two terms as Vice President. He’s also been active as a Board Member at COPE Ontario for over eight years.

In the wider Labour movement, he is the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Equity Vice President representing LGBTQ Workers. He also is a representative for COPE/SEPB on the Solidarity and Pride Committee at the Ontario Federation of Labour.


Outside of Labour, Casey is the former Vice-Chair of Queer Ontario, a provincially-focused LGBTQ activist organization, and has been involved in many grassroots efforts over the years. He was extensively involved in the fight to ensure the rights of youth to form Gay-Straight Alliances and like groups in all publicly funded schools in Ontario. 

Kim Wilson,
Interim National Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President, Region 3

As a new employee of SGI I became a member of OPEIU on August 19, 1991. In June of 2004 our union broke away from OPEIU and proudly formed the COPE National Union. Our new local was COPE 397. While working at SGI I was active with the Union and served as a Shop Steward for 16 plus years advocating for the members. I was promoting thru the ranks at SGI and became an Out-of-Province Auto Adjuster. While in this position my desire to be more active with the Union grew.

I attended The National Convention in 2010 as a spectator and then as a delegate to the Mid-Term Conference in Ottawa. In September of 2012 I became a Trustee on the Executive Board and a Provincial Council Member. I was also chair of the Women’s Committee during this time. It was while attending the National Convention in Winnipeg in 2013 my desire and commitment to the Union grew and I decided that I was going to run for President of COPE Local 397. I was honored to be officially elected as President of COPE Local 397 on December 4, 2013.

Annette Toth,
Vice President, Region 4

Annette Toth was first elected as Vice-President at MoveUP in 2013. Her experience in the labour movement goes back to 1992 when she was president of Local 4002 with the Airline Division of CUPE for over nine years. Annette joined ICBC in 2005 at the Driver Licensing Centre in Victoria. She later moved to the claims and insurance side of ICBC in 2006 and is now a senior injury adjuster at the Victoria Claim Centre. Annette serves on the board of directors for both the BC Labour Heritage Centre and the Columbia Institute. She is the chair of the MoveUP Events and Social Planning Committee. She is a member of the BCFED Human Rights Committee, is the labour co-chair for the United Way fundraising campaign at ICBC and serves as a pension trustee. She also sits on the board of the Union Protein Project. Annette holds a B.A. from the University of Victoria. Annette is from Victoria and maintains her home there.

Patty Clancy,
Vice President, Seat Reserved for Women

Patty has been a member of Local 343 for more than 25 years. She worked for approximately 6 years at the Toronto Labour Council. During that time Patty was elected as a member-at-large on the Local 343 Executive Board and subsequently served as President of Local 343 for 2 terms of office. She became a full-time
representative for Local 343 in 1987. Patty is currently a staff representative with COPE Ontario. Patty has represented her union at various levels of the labour movement, including 4 terms on the Toronto Labour Council Executive, OFL Women’s Committee, Toronto Labour Council Women’s Committee, various Local 343 committees, as a Regional Representative on the National Committee of COPE and she currently sits on the National Executive Board as the Vice President, Seat Reserved for Women.