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COPE SEPB Region 2 — Ontario

COPE SEPB — Region 2: Ontario – The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union

Region 2 is made up of 19 Locals representing about 7000 workers in various public and private sectors such as Health Care, Education, Financial Services, Labour Organizations, Non-Profit and Government agencies. Professional services are provided by the provincial council known as COPE Ontario. COPE members have access to experienced staff representatives on their side who represent them in WSIB cases, Arbitration, Grievances and Negotiations. 

COPE Ontario is  a membership-driven organization with affiliation to the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) giving us strength in millions, allowing our members to have a voice in all issues affecting working people. It is also the purpose and aim of the Council to inform, advise and educate workers in the principles and policies of this Union and of the benefits and gains which they may achieve through organizing and collective bargaining.

Region 2 services members in Ontario :​

COPE Ontario Council

Glenn Wheeler, Interim Director

Suite 1108 – 555 Richmond Street, P.O. Box 1202 Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1

Phone : (416) 703-8515  

Fax: (416) 703-8520

The Locals in Region 2 are:
COPE Local 24

Brandi Cramer, President

Dan Davidson, Vice President, WSN

Jeff Pagot, Vice President PSHSA

Kelly Ann Smith, Secretary

Micheline Souter, Treasurer

COPE Local 26

Jane Armstrong, President

Kirsten McDonald, Treasurer

COPE Local 81
COPE Local 96

Rob Bell, President

Tracey Robinson, Vice-President

Bonnie Cava, Secretary-Treasurer

COPE Local 103

Donna Santerre, President 

Heather Smith. Secretary- Treasurer 

COPE Local 131

Steve Reeves, President

John Tonelli, Secretary-Treasurer

COPE Local 161

Lee-Anne March, President

Shirley Moore, Secretary-Treasurer

COPE Local 225

Lise Hogue, President

Carl Brisson, 1st Vice-President

Fei Fei Jing, Treasurer

Luc Pomerleau, Recording/Corresponding Secretary

COPE Local 290

Deb Dobbie, President

Vice-President: Currently Vacant

Recording Secretary: Tammy Tarr

COPE Local 343

Kelly Belbin, President

Donna St. Louis, Treasurer

COPE Local 429

Dana Dafoe, President 

Donna Pollock, Vice President

Gary Belanger, Central Vice President 

Nancy Watson, Treasurer

Michelle Farr, Secretary 

COPE Local 454

Jana Matikainen – President

Jennifer Beyak – Treasurer

COPE Local 468

Cory LaRose, President

Tatiana May, Secretary-Treasurer

COPE Local 491

Brandi Kehoe, President 

Mia Warwick, Vice-President

Karri Patterson, Treasurer

Theresa Walkowski, Recording Secretary

COPE Local 521

Delaine Willet, President

Tammy Ford, Secretary-Treasurer

COPE Local 523

Natasha Brouillette, President

Louise Tremblay, Secretary-Treasurer

COPE Local 527

Susan Lucek, President

Alison Slack, Treasurer 

Tammy Popiez, Recording Secretary 


COPE Local 529

Nicholas Forsyth, President
Cody Gaudette, Treasurer

COPE Local 550

Kelly Caswell, President

Amanda Moreiro, Treasurer