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Region 2 participates in a rally against privatization of health care in Ontario

COPE Region 2 was among the demonstrators who called for an end to the privatization of health care in Ontario at a rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

The group from London filled two buses to travel to Toronto to make Prime Minister Doug Ford see reason.

COPE/SEPB represents a wide range of workers in the health sector in Ontario.

Region 2 President Lorrie Vandersluis was at the rally and told CTV that private healthcare companies need a profit margin and that doesn’t work in the best interest of most patients.

“That’s the premise of capitalism, right?. They want the best bang for their buck and their shareholders. The patient is no longer at the heart of the priorities,” said Ms. Vandersluis.

You can watch the CTV report by clicking here.

Due to privatization, Ontario’s health care system is facing unprecedented levels of emergency department closures, especially in small communities, while the Ford government has $22.5 billion for health care. The money comes from federal transfers.