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Help put an end to private prisons

Will your union sign PSI’s pledge against private prisons?

Around the world corporations are cashing in by privatizing prisons and detention services – and with horrific results. That’s why PSI is launching a global campaign on our new People over Profit platform: End Private Prisons.

The first step is all about encouraging public sector unions and our members to divest from the toxic private prison industry.

Will your union sign the pledge to do all in your power to ensure the money of your members is not invested in private prisons? (You can endorse the pledge by creating your own PeopleOverProfit account – or by responding to this email letting us know your support)

Prison privatisation is a disaster for workers, communities and detainees. Private prisons consistently lead to worse conditions, under-staffing, overcrowding and warped incentives: more prison inmates means more profits. Even worse – a number of these corporations are now profiting from the detention of migrants and refugees – who they see as a “new market opportunity.”

We’re hoping that over 50 of our affiliates will sign our Pledge before March 6th – when we will launch a press campaign outlining how our movement is pushing back against those who seek to profit from incarceration and pain.

  • The pledge makes clear that unions will do all in our power – this means attempting to influence the decisions of our members pension funds where possible – however “in our power” is a determination which affiliates make for themselves.
  • Even if you don’t have financial links to private prisons, signing the pledge sends a strong message of our opposition to privatisation
  • Signing the Pledge could also symbolize a commitment to raise awareness among your members and help them avoid banks which support the industry

Our movement is already having a huge influence in this struggle – American union activists helped pull over $50 million in investment from prison corporations.

We must lead by example and ensure we are no longer financially connected to these repugnant investments.

To sign the pledge on behalf of your union:

  1. Registeron our new People Over Profit platform
  2. Endorsethe Pledge via the End Private Prisons campaign page.

Once you’re signed up you can then use the platform to launch your own privatisation campaigns, browse strategies and resources from other unions and support struggles around the world!

If you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact our communications department: marcelo[dot]netto[at]world-psi[dot]org