Peace, Joy and Solidarity


Peace, Joy and Solidarity


My friends,
LOVE is better than anger.HOPE is better than fear. OPTIMISM is
better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic,
and we’ll change the world!

Jack Layton

Another busy and exciting year with numerous accomplishments for
COPE and COPE members has come to an end. Locals and councils in
all the regions have held their conventions throughout the year.

Organizing, providing top notch services to our members,
negotiating, taking part in campaigns big and small and fighting
the struggles to defend and advance our rights, for pay equity, for
justice and for a better life for our members and their families
have been at the very heart of the union activities of our locals
and councils.

For COPE 2012 was highlighted by our ongoing commitment to
organizing in all four regions with the help of the National
Organizing program along with our continued efforts representing
our members at the CLC and wherever our voice must be heard in
order to better advance our rights and improve the working
conditions and lives of our members and of our society.

The CLC Campaign on Public Pensions is continuing to be at the
center of our commitments and COPE is still playing a major role in
this campaign.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our COPE
members across the country who have worked so hard to make our
Canadian Union a success.

While the Holiday Season is a time of festivities and a time to
think of family and friends, let’s not forget that we also have
responsibilities as consumers. I invite you to browse our page
“Attention Shoppers” and “Ethical Sourcing”.

On behalf of the National Executive members and staff at the
National Union, I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable festive season
and all the best for 2013!

Serge Cadieux

Serge Cadieux

National President