Our Vision

The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union — “COPE” —
is the newest Canadian union.

Our national union was formed in less than 3 weeks in a most
democratic demonstration of union member participation with over
74% of our entire Canadian membership making their individual and
collective wishes known to form and become part of a Canadian
national union.

With such a dynamic and impressive display of democracy as our
foundation, our national union continues to build on that exciting
democratic start.

While respecting the autonomy of our 47 Locals and recognizing
our 3 councils COPE values the collective strength nationally of
our 34,000 members.

Our Vision is to make COPE a household name to both existing and
new union members, to continue to proudly display our COPE SEPB
logo as we bring unionization to unorganized workplaces and to the
public as we better educate society on the value and important role
of Unions today.

Every person has a right to be treated with dignity and respect.
We believe that by working together, through our union, we can
improve working conditions, strengthen our communities and make
society a better place to live.

Join us — Together we can make a difference!

Proudly Union,