Our Canadian Union

10 Years

It is with the determination and solidarity of our Canadian members
that the collective decision was made in June of 2004 to separate
from the International to form our own fully financially and
politically autonomous Canadian union.

Like many of you who were in Miami in June 2004, I will never
forget when the founding members of our National union presented
our letter notifying the President of the OPEIU, Michael Goodwin,
and advising him that members in Canada had chosen as of that date
to form our own autonomous Canadian union.

The sense of pride we all felt at that moment is still present to
this day. In spite of the intimidation and threats and the legal
disputes, we all came together in a true spirit of unity and
solidarity to form our own autonomous Canadian union.

Through determination and solidarity have we overcome all obstacles
and achieved the full recognition of our National union.

June 2014 is the 10th anniversary of our Canadian autonomy and
November 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of our founding
convention. As we prepare to celebrate those dates, we call all
take pride in what we have accomplished together in that short
time. We can also look forward to continue building the union that
best reflects our specificity and best represents all of our

Simon Berlin

National President