High profile guest speakers among the highlights at mid-term conference in Victoria

Great speakers have a way of commanding attention and this year’s featured lineup at the COPESEPB Mid-Term Conference in Victoria, British Columbia is certainly full of individuals who can do just that.

But this year’s lineup won’t need any extraordinary abilities to capture what will be a very engaged crowd at this year’s conference. All of the featured speakers, in their own way, have been a big part of the recent news.

Canadian Labour Council President Hassan Yussuff will give the opening address and he will certainly have many views to share.

The Hon. Harry Bains, in his new role as B.C. Minister of Labour, will certainly captivate the audience as he shares some of the work and the future plans that his new government has for the labour market in British Columbia. Minister Bains comes from a labour background as well. He was an elected officer of Steelworkers-IWA Canada Local 2171 for over 15 years and also served as vice-president of his local. Just yesterday, Bains along with NDP Premier John Horgan announced the schedule for implementing a $15/hr minimum wage in B.C.

Also on the agenda is Quebec Native Women’s justice coordinator, Veronique Picard. Picard’s organization is a not-for-profit whose goal is to defend the interest of Aboriginal women and improve their standard of living throughout Quebec. Her talk will certainly feed into the second day’s workshop around the topic of reconciliation but will also serve as a good follow-up to the first day’s workshop which will be centered on the theme of domestic violence.

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