DIALOGUE – The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union

DIALOGUE is the new name of the
COPESEPB National newspaper.

As part of our historic agreement with the OPEIU in 2007 (see
news Release 2007-10-18), the name LEADER would no longer be used
by COPESEPB after January 2008. As a result, in the LEADER October
2007 issue, members and locals were asked to submit their ideas for
a new name for our National newspaper.

Many suggestions were received and from among them the National
Executive chose DIALOGUE as the new name of our National newspaper.
The name was proposed by Maurice Laplante, then President of
SEPB-Québec and National Vice-President for Region 1. Brother
Laplante suggested the name DIALOGUE because:

  • The word DIALOGUE is bilingual and can be used across
  • The word DIALOGUE means an exchange of ideas between two or
    more people
  • The word DIALOGUE relates to the labour movement, inferring:
    • Differing points of view
    • Negotiating
    • Communicating with unions
  • DIALOGUE means engaging in a dialogue between members, officers
    of COPESEPB and the different regions.

DIALOGUE, our National newspaper, is published periodically and
contains information and in depth articles on our unions activities
and on issues of importance to the labour movement, to our union
and to our members. We welcome input and feedback from our members
and our locals.

Use the links below to download complete issues or individual
articles and supplements. The files are in PDF and require software
like Adobe Acrobat Reader
to view them.

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